Lowe's Coming to Area?

From the Star-News:

By Gareth McGrath, July 11:

"The New Hanover County commissioners want to see if there's a way to provide a second signalized entrance for a Lowe's Home Improvement store proposed for Porters Neck.

Concerns over access to the store, part of a larger shopping center at Market Street and the U.S. 17 Wilmington Bypass, prompted the board to delay a decision on the project for 60 days.

Dozens of Porters Neck residents turned out for Monday's meeting to express concerns about safety and traffic with the new store.

Under current plans, the only entrance to the center with a light would be on Porters Neck Road."

Aug. 21 Letterto the Editor:
"EDITOR: In the movie Field of Dreams, the mantra was, "If you build it, they will come."

However, if we are talking about the proposed Lowe's at the Market Street and Porters Neck intersection, you may build it, but the traffic may be so tied up you can't get there.

The proposed zoning change from neighborhood commercial to regional commercial will result in a substantial increase in traffic at an already congested intersection.

It is logical and responsible planning to have infrastructure (adequate roads, sewer, stormwater, etc.) in place before you build a big box and a future shopping center.

There is only one entrance and exit planned for the proposed Lowe's site.

Porters Neck area is desperate for a road parallel to Market Street to allow a more orderly flow of traffic to the Lowe's site. Without a parallel road with additional lights on Market Street, (the developer) will be building the development and hope the infrastructure gets built someday.

It will be subjecting the citizens of New Hanover County to another Military Cutoff debacle with the development going in place long before adequate infrastructure is in place.

Concerned citizens should contact New Hanover County Commissioners and the Planning Board before Sept. 4.

Elizabeth I. Bauereis"

More Medical Park

From the Star-News:

"A controversial proposal to build a new hospital and medical park along U.S. 17 near the Pender County line will be back before the New Hanover County Commissioners Monday evening.

SENCA Properties, a corporation formed by a group of nearly 100 local doctors, wants to rezone roughly 50 acres of a 250-acre tract for a New Hanover Regional Medical Center hospital and an office/retail complex.

But the proposal has generated opposition from residents, worried that the project's traffic would overwhelm local streets and stormwater runoff would degrade nearby waterways, some of which are already under conservation easements. "

Scotts Hill Medical Complex

from the Star-News (sub) :

""There's no other place like it in this area, where you can sit in your back yard and enjoy nature without being disturbed by noise and lights from surrounding areas," Wierse said.

But Wierse, a resident of the coastal community for 11 years, fears her family's star-gazing days are numbered because a local development group is seeking permission from the New Hanover County Planning Department to build a 45-acre medical park off Scotts Hill Loop Road.

SENCA Properties, a limited liability corporation of about 100 physicians, plans to build a 19-acre medical office park with doctors' offices, restaurants and retail stores.

The group also plans to sell the remaining 26 acres to New Hanover Regional Medical Center so it can build a satellite hospital."

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Paraglider in the 'hood

paragliderweb, originally uploaded by Watts Carr.

Maybe y'all have seen this strange sight....a paraglider that seems to hover over the trees just to the east of Plantation Landing. Yes, the intracoastal waterway really is that close to us, as the crow flies.

Bypass Bridge

The Porter's Neck area has a new bridge on Hwy 17 for the future I-140 Bypass. I took the bottom photo a while back when it was under construction.

We Want You (to volunteer)

All of the homeowner’s committees are looking for new volunteers. Some current members have moved, others are moving soon, and there is a real need for more volunteers.

We are getting closer to taking over the homeowner’s association from the developer, and your input is vital to making the neighborhood the best place it can be. Please contact a member of the committee (e-mail me for contact numbers) or just show up at the monthly meeting to join in the fun.